Attraction Marketing, Facebook, and You

Attraction Marketing, Facebook, and You

Attraction MarketingFacebook has become about as routine for most people as bathing. With over 1 billion (that’s right, BILLION) users worldwide and more traffic than search engine monster Google, it’s no wonder that network marketers, home business owners, and real estate agents alike are seeking to make new contacts and generate more leads using Facebook!

The problem is that most people actually go about it the wrong way. While many folks have the best of intentions when it comes to sharing their business, products, and services on Facebook and various other social media, the fact is the results can actually do more harm than good.

Attraction marketing is a term that is coined quite a bit in the online marketing world, but the fact is that attraction marketing is more of a principle rather than a term. So what is attraction marketing and how does it apply to you, Facebook, and your business?

In this post, I’m going to answer that very question and provide some simple and practical action points to help you attract new prospects like a magnet – using Facebook.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Before we go into the definition of what attraction marketing is, let’s first discuss what it’s not.

Attraction Marketing is not sending out unsolicited and unwelcome spam emails and Facebook messages.

Attraction Marketing is not posting the link to your company and products all over Facebook.

Attraction Marketing is not pitching your business and products to friends, family, and strangers.

The things I’ve listed above are not professional, they don’t work, and they’re giving our industry a bad name – however, if you’ve found yourself doing this, chances are you’ve never been exposed to attraction marketing and it’s not your fault.

Traditionally we’re taught to chase after prospects – but attraction marketing isn’t about chasing anyone. It’s about making yourself so attractive to others that they literally chase you and hunt you down, credit card in hand, wanting and desiring to buy from and do business with you.

Imagine for a moment waking up and having dozens of emails from hot pre-qualified prospects eagerly waiting to hear from you.

What if instead of coming across as a pushy salesman trying to push some pyramid scheme down everyone’s throat, your community actually looked to you as a leader and respected your opinions and advice.

Would this make all the difference in the world with your business and with your income? You bet it would – and THIS is what attraction marketing is all about!

4 Simple Steps to Using Attraction Marketing on Facebook

Step 1. Face your problems – don’t Facebook your problems. People have enough problems, negativity, drama, and other garbage in their lives without having to hear about yours. Instead, think about some of your friends and family and what struggles they’re facing; post status updates that are encouraging and uplifting and brand yourself as a professional encourager.

I have a resource for this on my phone – it’s an app called Brilliant Quotes.

Facebook LikeStep 2. This step is really a continuation of step 1 and here it is: add value. People are struggling, they’re living paycheck to paycheck, they’re robbing Peter to pay Paul, and their warehousing their kids to daycare and paying someone else to raise their children.

Attraction MarketingĀ  at it’s core is about helping people and solving their problems. When you offer solutions that solve people’s problems, prospects are naturally drawn and attracted to you because in that process you build rapport and establish trust.

People don’t look for products, services, or a business opportunity…they look for solutions.

Step 3. Be social. Post pictures of you and your family. Let people see who you are – let them get to know YOU. Not your company, not your products…you. It’s a well known fact that people do business with those they know, like, and trust so give folks an opportunity to get to know and trust you.

Step 4. Never randomly send friend requests or random messages pitching your opportunity. Reach out to them first so that they know they’re not just a number. Attraction Marketing is all about relationship.

The reason most people fail…

Most people are motivated by money and this is why they fail. Let me explain: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with money. We need it to survive and thrive, but more importantly, it’s a resource that we can use to leverage our efforts and contribute more to the world around us.

However, money isn’t a measure of success – in business or with our attraction marketing. Money is simply a byproduct of that success.

When you have something that you believe in that drives you, you cannot fail. If you’re motivated by money, then you can be bought – money is temporary and it corrupts. The reason most people fail is because they view their network marketing business as simply a business to make money instead of as a solution to make a difference.

Let me say that again – The reason most people fail is because they view their network marketing business as simply a business to make money instead of as a solution to make a difference.

Attraction marketing is about offering a solution to make a difference. So what drives you?

Money or making a difference?


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