The Secrets to Closing a Sale

The Secrets to Closing a Sale

Closing a SaleClosing Sales is one of those things that Network Marketers and sales people alike really seem to struggle with. As the presentation comes to a close, anticipation builds, and you begin to sweat. All you can think about is closing the sale and sealing the deal. Will they say yes? Will they say no?

Will you be rejected?

Rejection is the number one reason why most people struggle with closing sales and is the number one reason why most people pack up and quit before they even really get started.

In this post, I’m going to share some practical, down to earth tips that will allow you to not only close sales like a boss without being pushy and high pressure – but also allow you to build your business REJECTION FREE! If you take what you learn here today an apply it, closing a sale will no longer seem like such a daunting task and who knows…you might even have a little bit of fun!

Mistakes to Avoid When Closing a Sale

There are a few common mistakes that new and seasoned marketers alike make when closing sales. The first mistake that is made is saying too much. A lot of times when we’re talking to folks about our business or our products and services, there may be awkward moments of silence or there may even be an instance where our prospect even gives us a funny look. This awkwardness tends to bring nervousness into the mix and many people tend to talk a lot when this happens. Our prospects can sense this and it will absolutely kill our chances of success.

There’s another mistake that ties in with the example above but it’s a bit unorthodox. You see, many home business owners, sales people, network marketers, and real estate agents alike tend to throw a lot of information at the prospect.

“The compensation plan pays 2% on level 3 and let me tell you about the wonderful company that was started by Mr. Wonderful who is a wonderful family man and has several wonderful families to prove it…”

When closing a sale we’ll throw all of this information at our prospect and here’s the problem: our prospects do not make decisions based on information. If information was used in the decision making process, then I’d venture to say obesity would no longer be a problem. Think about it…who do you know that is overweight? Do they know how to lose weight? Of course! They have the ‘information’ but yet just having the information will not get them to make a decision to lose weight.

Here’s one more case study to prove this point: So you’re sitting at home, sipping on a nice and fresh hot cup of coffee and reading your favorite magazine, when all of a sudden the phone rings. You reach down, (aggravated) and answer and it’s a telemarketer. What do most people do when a telemarketer calls? They hang up…before they even have a chance to hear the sales pitch, they’ve made an instant decision based on zero information.

So what is information for? Information is there to support the decision – but it’s not used when making a decision.

Now that we’ve established a few common mistakes that people make when closing sales, let’s look at a few practical things we can do to increase our chances of success.

Practical Tips for Closing a Sale

The first tip I would recommend is not being emotionally attached to the outcome. When you’re emotionally attached to the outcome, two things happen:

1. Your prospect can sense that and prospects want to feel comfortable with the fact they’re doing business with someone who’s trustworthy and confident.

2. If they do tell you no, then frustration begins to build inside of you. In this industry, the less frustration you have to deal with the better because frustration can lead to a gap between what you think is happening (perception) versus what is really happening (reality).

The second thing I would recommend is don’t use high pressure tactics when closing sales. This builds a barrier between you and your prospect and once that wall is up, all trust is lost and so is your chance at success.

The third tip I can offer is don’t wait until the end of your presentation to close – Since your prospect is going to make an instant and immediate decision based on zero information anyway, close the deal from the very beginning and just get it over with.

Closing a Sale Before the Close

Below are some word-for-word examples of what you can say to your prospect that will get them make an immediate decision.

Just a fair warning: I don’t have the time in this blog post to go over the psychology behind why this works – you’ll just have to take my word for it 🙂

“Are you married to your job or are you open minded?”

“Are you okay with someone else telling you how much you’re worth?”

“Would it be okay if you didn’t have to warehouse your kids to daycare?”

Notice how these examples get your prospect thinking and how it creates a vision in your prospects mind? Closing sales isn’t an issue when you allow your prospects to buy into an idea instead of trying to sell them a product.

One more tip – share your story. Why do you use the product? Why did you join the business? Share this with your prospects and allow them to relate to you by sharing your story with them.

Remember…when it comes to closing a sale rejection free – facts tell and stories sell.


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