Confessions Of A 17 Year Old Choir Girl (Exclusive Interview)

Confessions Of A 17 Year Old Choir Girl

Katrina AlfWhat does my sister Katrina, a 17 year old choir girl in High School have to do with YOUR success in Network Marketing?


In this blog post, I’m going to grill my sister on some pretty tough questions. You see, she went to the state choir competition in Austin, TX this past weekend and did something no other girl at her school could do.

She got a 1 rating, which is the highest rating you can get.

But it wasn’t easy and Katrina shares some things in this interview that just might inspire you and your team to take action in your MLM and Network Marketing business.

The Magic Power Of Time Travel -Yes, Really!

As kids, we have big dreams. We want to be astronauts, super-heroes, firemen, policemen, rock stars, masters of the universe, etc. Do you remember what your dream was? If you can’t, then let this post be a reminder and spark something inside you to reach out and release your inner dreamer.

You, yes you, were born for greatness.

Unfortunately, many people say that what happens and what kills our dreams is ‘life’. This thing called “life” happens and we take on all of these responsibilities and we have to “grow up”.

What a load of B.S.

Our dreams dying isn’t a result of life – on the contrary, death is a result of death.

Think about that.

Let that sink in.

If your dreams have died, it’s because somewhere, somehow, you’ve stopped living and thriving in life and now, you’re just dying and surviving in life. This interview with my sister, Katrina, inspires me in so many ways because at 17 years old, she already understands the importance of having a dream.

Not only does she understand the importance, but she has a level of commitment that most adults don’t have. She’s not simply “trying”. She’s not even giving it her best shot. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to see her dream come to fruition.

She understands what the word ‘commitment‘ means.


and sacrifice.

I would encourage you, as you’re watching the interview below, to travel back in time to when you were a kid and release your inner dreamer.

Confessions Of A 17 Year Old Choir Girl (Exclusive Interview)

This past weekend, Katrina did something astounding. She went to the state choir competition in Austin, TX and scored that absolutely highest score possible. Only her and 2 others walked away with this rating – she was the only female at her H.S.

Click below to play the video and — enjoy 🙂


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