How To Find Good MLM Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business

How To Find Good MLM Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business

How To Find MLM Prospects For Your Network Marketing BusinessI recently watched a video by one of my mentors in the MLM industry, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, and he was asked how to find good MLM prospects for your network marketing business and his answer was pretty shocking.

He said that what he’s found is that most prospects are pretty much neutral…until they meet us. They’re going to become either a good prospect or a bad prospect depending on what we say or what we do.

In this post, I want to share some practical tips on things we can say and do to ensure we don’t turn neutral prospects into bad prospects.

How To Find Good MLM Prospects – Network Marketing Lies

If you’re going to learn how to find good MLM prospects for your network marketing business, then we first must establish some untruths, or lies, in the MLM and network marketing industry.

We’ve all heard this:

“You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person and you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.”

I’m sure we’ve all heard this statement as well:

“Every ‘NO’ just brings you closer to a ‘YES’.”

If both of these statements were true, then we’d all be leaders in network marketing and be making plenty of money in our MLM.

Here’s one more lie:

“This isn’t sales, it’s sharing.”

Here’s the problem with this statement (other than the fact it’s a lie) – it implies that no skills need to be learned for the MLM and network marketing industry.

Before we dive into how to find good MLM prospects for your Network Marketing business, you first must know that if you’ve heard these things (and unfortunately believed them), it’s not your fault and you’re not alone.

“So How Do I Find Good MLM Prospects?”

Big Al had a great story about how to find good MLM prospects for your network marketing business. If you’d like to see the full 4 minute video, you can view it on the right hand side. It’s the top video entitled, “The Perfect Prospect”.

Here’s the story:

I’m single and I go to a party to get a date. I approach all of the ladies at the party and I say…

“So, how old are you? How much do you weigh? Are those your real teeth? What color do you dye your hair? How much makeup to you need in the morning?”

At the end of the party I leave with probably not too many dates and I think to myself,

“There weren’t any good prospects at that party. Some of those girls don’t even like men.”

So then I start looking for a new party where I can find some good MLM prospects for my network marketing business.

Here’s the problem:

Even If I find some more good MLM prospects, I’m probably going to ruin them too. If we really take some time to think about this scenario for a moment, it’s a pretty fair assumption that all prospects are neutral. Because think about it, couldn’t someone else go to that same party and get a date? Absolutely – by saying and doing something else.

So, How Do You Find Good MLM Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business?

Perhaps we don’t find good MLM prospects for our network marketing businesses – maybe we create them…ON DEMAND…with what we say and what we do.

If you’d like to learn how to legitimately and effectively build your network marketing business and learn how to create MLM prospects on demand, then you’ll want to grab my exclusive audio training titled “Practical Marketing in an Impractical World”.

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