How To Get Results In Your Business

How To Get Results In Your Business

How To Get ResultsWhat I’ve noticed lately is that many entrepreneurs and home business owners spend a lot of time doing everything except getting results.

They’ll study the compensation plan, think about what life would be like if they had more money, post links on Facebook, study product labels, and look around their back office for hours – but they won’t actually spend any REAL time building their business.

In this post, I’m going to reveal why so many people struggle to make any real money in their business and provide some practical insight on how to get results and obtain success.


This Is Not How To Get Results…

If we’re going to learn how to get results so that we can be successful in our business, then we’re going to have to define a few things – in this case, we need to define our job description.

Let me be clear about what our job description in network marketing is not.

Our job description is:

  • NOT to read books
  • NOT to set goals
  • NOT to be positive
  • NOT to chant affirmations
  • NOT to study product labels
  • NOT to play around in the backoffice

These are all wonderful hobbies; wonderful things to do in your free time. Some of them may even teach you a little bit about how to get results – but none of them will get you results. These things just don’t work out in the real world when you’re standing face to face with your prospects.

“So…What is our job description?”

Our job description in network marketing is to get prospects to make a decision to either join us in our business or to become our customer. That’s it. We’ll never learn how to get results if we don’t come to that understanding right now.

We don’t sell products if we don’t get our prospects to make a decision. We don’t sponsor new distributors if we don’t get our prospects to make a decision. It doesn’t matter if we learn how to get results or not if we don’t apply what we’ve learned and get prospects to make a decision.

Activity Vs. Results – Focus On How To Get Results

The first step in learning how to get results is that we have to come to the realization that our network marketing and MLM companies don’t pay us based on our effort or based on our ‘activities’ – they pay us based on our results.

Imagine this:

Yard WorkYou’re yard is looking terrible so you decide to hire someone to come mow your yard and do your landscaping. Well, they come out and they scout your yard, then they go shopping for the right tools and resources to use, and then they go take a landscaping class. They come back and look at your yard and draw a sketch of how nice it’s going to look once it’s finished and they set a few goals of what they’d like to accomplish. Later, they go home and sharpen the blade of their lawn mower so that their tools are the best they can be.

The next day they show up, knock on your door, and ask to be paid. When you ask why they deserve to be paid when the job hasn’t been completed, they say that have put a lot of work and effort into this project.

Here’s the problem…

Did your yard get done? Did they produce any actual results? No. Why would you pay them for a job that didn’t get done?

And it’s the same way in our businesses. If we’re going to be successful, we’re going to have to learn how to get results, apply what we’ve learned, and get our prospects to make a decision.

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While some people possess the natural skills of network marketing, most people don’t even know the first thing about it, much less even know where to start. So they talk to their friends and family, say and do all of the wrong things, experience rejection, and ultimately…quit.

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