How To Talk To People More Effectively

How To Talk To People Effectively

How To Talk To PeopleI had a very interesting conversation today with a very dear friend of mine, Joe Roubique. Joe played a very instrumental role in my life as to he was my youth pastor whenever I was in high school.

We were discussing how to talk to people effectively and how talking to people the wrong way and in the wrong tone will drive a wedge between you and the other person. Leadership is influence and if we’re going to be a positive influence in our families and the communities around us, then we’re going to have to learn how to talk to people.

In this post, I’m going to share 3 tips that will not only have you talking to people more effectively, but will also allow you to position yourself as a leader and a person of influence in the lives of others.

How to Talk to People…The Wrong Way

We all have opinions and beliefs. One of the things I used to struggle with was forcing my opinions and beliefs on others. Perhaps you or someone you know struggles with this. When we criticize others, their beliefs, their opinions, and their lifestyle, we lose all credibility with those folks and with no credibility, there’s no rapport. With no rapport, we have no influence. With no influence, we can’t lead.

Our role as leaders and business owners should be first and foremost to make a positive impact in the world around us and change lives. It is our duty to take others to the next level of success in business and in life.

However, if we continue to criticize people that may not live like we do,  believe the same things we do, and we don’t learn how to talk to people more effectively, then can’t be surprised when we fail.

Learn How to Talk to People in 3 Easy Steps – And Gain Influence!

Step 1 – Avoid Criticizing Others
It’s amazing how natural it can be to criticize others. However, when you criticize someone, they put up a wall and immediately are placed on the defensive. Always remember that for every criticizing comment you give, chances are there are two more being made about you. Extend grace and give people the benefit of the doubt. The number one way to lose influence in someone’s life is to criticize them.

Step 2 – Be a Good Listener
One of the most effective ways of how to talk to people isn’t in what you say, but rather, what THEY say. By giving others a voice, you also give yourself a great opportunity to listen. By being a good listener, you actually achieve 2 things:

1. You build rapport (common ground – where 2 or more people relate to one another)

2. You give yourself an opportunity to learn something about the other person

People want to know that you’re interested in more than your agenda. By being a good listener, you get to show others that you are relateable and actually care.

Step 3 – Be an Encourager
With so much negativity and criticism in the world today, speaking positively about others and being an encourager is a great way to earn a place of influence in someone’s life. By encouraging and uplifting others, you’re not only learning how to talk to people more effectively, but you’re setting a higher standard for the person you’re talking to and many times you’re casting a vision in the other person’s life that they can grasp and in many cases will strive to live up to.

“Criticism is futile because it puts a person on the defensive and usually makes him strive to justify himself. Criticism is dangerous because it wounds a person’s precious pride, hurts his sense of importance, and arouses resentment.” -Dale Carnagie

By not criticizing others, by being a good listener, and by being an encourager, I not only learned how to talk to people and how to position myself as a person of influence in the lives of others, but I also noticed a huge change in my own life; in my own attitude.

As an entrepreneur, you will need to ask yourself: Do you want to be a leader and a person of influence – or do you want to be opinionated and right (at least in your own eyes)?

I made the decision a long time ago that I wanted to change lives and be a person of influence. What will you decide?


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