Increase Your Sales With A Transitional Statement

Increase Your Sales With A Transitional Statement

inrease sales transition statementPeople hate to be sold, but they love to buy. Creating buy-in means that needs have to be met; and needs can’t be met unless we ask questions. Good, quality probing questions.

The process of asking probing questions can be awkward, especially when we feel as though we are being pushy or nosy.

In this post, I’m going to share a simple way to ask these probing questions and increase your sales with a transitional statement.

Understanding Buy-In

In order to fully understand how you can increase your sales with a transitional statement, you must first understand the concept of buy-in.

Buy-in occurs when your customer or prospect is committed to and shows support for an idea, product, or service.

In turn, getting buy-in increases your sales, which means you make more money. The key to getting buy-in is your customer or prospect must…

  1. Feel as though it’s THEIR idea
  2. Recognize the “what’s in it for me” factor

We can accomplish both of these things and thus increase your sales with a transitional statement and a few probing questions.

How To Increase Your Sales With A Transitional Statement

bridge the gap in salesFor most people, it feels awkward to transition from talking about the kids, the weather, Monday nights game, or shifting from one single topic to bringing up your product, service, or business.

This is where transitional statements come in.

It’s easy to increase your sales with a transitional statement when you understand both how the human mind works and that transitional statements are nothing more than a bridge connecting 2 opposite sides.

In a nutshell, transitional statements do nothing more than bridge the gap between 2 subjects and provide a smooth, comfortable transition from on to the other.

When we you can accomplish this successfully, you’ll be in a much better position to ask the right quality probing questions; this allows you to find out what problems your customer/prospect has so you can position your product or business as the solution they need.

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