Leadership Tips: How To Build A Dream Team Part 1

Leadership Tips: How To Build A Dream Team Part 1

Leadership Tips How To Build A Dream TeamThis blog post is going to be a bit different as to it’s going to be split into 2 parts. As leaders, we all want to have a dream team and have the right people around us to help propel us where we want to go to fulfill the purpose that has been laid before us.

It’s very important to understand that in order to accomplish a vision, you HAVE to have a team. Whether at work, in sales, network marketing, or at church, it’s important that we have a team there to help us. You need a big vision and if you can figure out how to accomplish that vision all by yourself, then chances are your vision isn’t big enough.

In this blog post, I’m going to share 10 practical tips to help you in building YOUR dream team.

10 Practical Components To Building A Dream Team (1-5)

In my experience in leadership at previous jobs, at church, and in network marketing, there are 10 tips, or 10 components, the I believe will help you in building your dream team for your business or organization. The secret to your success with these tips isn’t in that you learn them and acquire the knowledge, but rather, that you apply what you have learned. Enjoy 🙂

Step 1: You Gotta Have A Dream

This may sound like a given, but in my experience, many people try to build a dream team without really taking the time to think about what their dream is. We have been created by design to be dreamers and to be a people with vision. Sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday, mundane, 9 to 5 grind and we forget to dream. We have to break through our circumstances and push through all of the distractions that keep us from greatness. Proverbs 29:18 says, “without a vision the people parish” – God created us to be dreamers and God has a plan to prosper us, not to harm us (see Jeremiah 29:11).

Step 2: Understand That You Cannot Do It Yourself

Many people think that everyone should know this already, but the fact is that everyone DOESN’T know this. There’s nothing wrong with having a ‘mom and pops’ shop, but if your vision is bigger than that, you’ll never grow beyond a ‘mom and pops’ shop until you understand that you can’t do it yourself and that you have to learn how to work through people. As your business or organization begins to grow and flourish and the work becomes more than one person can bear, then it’s important that you begin to add people around you that will help take your business, church, or organization to the next level.

Building A Dream TeamStep 3: You Must Clearly Communicate The Plan And The Vision To The Team

The main point of this step is not just in communicating, but in communication clearly. We must be able to take our vision and our dream from ‘me’ to ‘we’. When we begin to build a team, there’s a paradigm shift that needs to take place. If you’re used to doing everything yourself, you’re going to need to shift your thoughts and begin thinking differently. We must go from the ‘me’ mentality to the ‘we’ mentality, and our actions and our verbiage need to reflect this as well; we must articulate in such a way that others understand the vision. When communicating clearly to your team, redundancy is key.

Step 4: Transition The Right/Wrong People In/Out Of The Team

Our dream (vision) is like a bus on it’s way to a destination and the seats are different positions on that bus. We have to make sure that our team is a good fit and is placed in the right seat so that we can all get to the destination we’re trying to get to. If someone’s not a good fit, then perhaps there’s a different seat, or a different position, that they would fit into better. What I’ve personally done when I’ve had someone that wasn’t a good fit is I’ve said, “You know…this spot may not be a good fit – but I’ve got another spot where your skill sets, your personality, your gifts, and your aptitude would be a much better fit.” Don’t be afraid to move people around and reposition them. Your team will be much happier when you’re not trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

If you’re trying to reposition someone into a position that better fits them and they get offended or threaten to leave – LET THEM GO! You ought to have the gift of goodbye. People like this are like a cancer to your vision and you don’t need them.

Step 5: Don’t Just Take Anybody

This is probably the most underused and overlooked step taken when building a dream team. I can remember being in a position where we needed to hire someone desperately and it was expected that I would just hire the first person that applied. I didn’t. Yes, we were desperate, but it didn’t matter. When you bring someone on board out of desperation, they can sense that. They know if they’re just a warm body or not and here’s the deal: people will only perform to the level of the organization they feel they are joining. One of the biggest mistakes that I see leaders make (especially in network marketing) is that they come across as desperate and lose all positioning. Look, it’s YOUR dream, it’s YOUR vision, and it’s YOUR business; you can be as picky as you need to be when building your dream team. Choose ONLY the people that YOU want to work with that you feel brings value to your business or organization.

You don’t want just anybody. This is your dream and you want people that will raise the standard in their life to match the standard of your dream.

To Be Continued…


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