MLM Secrets: Build Your Business Rejection Free

MLM Secrets: Build Your Business Rejection Free

MLM SecretsMany network marketers are excited when they first get introduced to their business opportunity. They set such goals and have such motivation to finally fire the boss or be able to provide their family with the lifestyle they truly deserve.

They take that excitement and share it with all of their friends and family, experience a lot of rejection, and eventually…quit.

Would it be okay if I shared a few strategies that allowed me to build my business almost 100% rejection free?

In this post, I’m going to expose some ‘dirty’ little MLM secrets that you can use to attract a limitless amount of leads and literally build your business with almost little to no rejection.

MLM Secrets: Exposed!

Have you ever wondered if the top earners and leaders in the industry know something that you don’t?

Perhaps you’ve been told to “just go out and get a hundred ‘no’s“.

Or how about this one: “Every ‘no’ just brings you closer to a ‘yes’“.

One of the biggest of the MLM secrets is that this is a total sham. Just ask yourself this question: “Do I really want to be told ‘no’ a hundred times before someone tells me yes?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Heck no! One ‘no’ hurts so why the heck would I want to go out and get 99 more?

That’s a good question.

There’s 2 groups of network marketers. There are those that don’t possess the right skills, experience a ton of rejection, and eventually quite – then there are those that have learned a few skills and some MLM secrets that allow them to create prospects on demand and build their business with little to no rejection.

I’m going to give you word for word examples of exactly what to say to build your business rejection free – but before I do, I want to share 3 more MLM Secrets, or guidelines if you will, that you will want to follow.

1. Build curiosity. If you can make your prospects curious, you’ve accomplished two things: One, you’ve managed to get their full attention…and two, they’re looking to satisfy their curiosity. By building curiosity, you allow people to buy into an idea. Remember…people don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.

2. Never give a presentation to someone unless they ask for one first. Out of all the MLM secrets, this one is probably the most valuable. In a previous post, I talk about attraction marketing and attracting prospects to want to do business with you. You don’t want to come across as some pushy salesman trying to push some pyramid scheme down people’s throats – so allow them to come to you and ask you for a presentation. This takes all of the pressure off of you and places you in a position of leadership and as a credible expert (you know something they don’t) instead of a sleazy salesman.

3. Only take the volunteers. This is pretty straight forward, isn’t it? Like #2 above, out of all of the MLM secrets, this one is kind of unheard of…it’s a foreign concept because so many people think they have to be high pressure and ‘salesy’ and this just isn’t the case at all. In our business, we want leaders. If you’re having to resort to high pressure closing methods instead of taking the volunteers, then you may want to rethink having those prospects in your business to begin with.

MLM Secrets: Icebreakers

Ice Breakers and MLM SecretsOne more challenge many network marketers face is being able to shift the conversation from talking about sports, the weather, or politics to bringing up their business opportunity without it being awkward. So how are we going to put these MLM Secrets to use, follow the guidelines specified above, and transition the conversation without being awkward?


You see, there are 4 words that not only accomplish all of this AND freeze your prospects mind, demanding their full attention, but they also allow you to deposit anything you wish into the file cabinet of their mind.

These 4 words are: Ijustfoundout

To test this theory, just walk up to any of your prospects, say, “I just found out”, and then walk away.

It will drive them mad…and curiosity will get the best of them!

So here’s the word for word formula: I just found out…(add a benefit here)…if you’d ever like to know, I’d be glad to tell you…meanwhile…(change the subject).

EXAMPLES: (word for word)

I just found out…how we can fire the boss and start our own business. If you’d ever like to know I’d be glad to tell you…meanwhile, did you catch the game Monday night?

I just found out…how families can stop warehousing their kids to daycare and actually afford to raise their own kids again. If you’d ever like to know I’d be happy to share it with you…meanwhile, can you pass those mashed potatoes?

I just found out…how we can cut the amount we spend for gas at the pump in half. If you’d ever like to know I’d be glad to tell you…meanwhile, you want to grab a beer?

You see how these 4 words create curiosity in your prospects mind? When your prospects are curious, they are going to want to know more!

Here’s the key: make the benefit relevant to your prospect. If your prospect is young and in their 20’s, the benefit shouldn’t be about retiring 10 years early at full pay. However, if you’re talking to someone close to the age of retirement, you might say, “I just found out how we can retire 10 years early at full pay. If you’d ever like to know I’d be glad to tell you, meanwhile, you want to grab some dinner?

Your goal is to get your prospect to ask you for more information. Remember, secret number 2 of these MLM secrets is that you don’t want to give people presentations unless they ask for them first. When you use the formula above, most of your prospects are going to ask, “How do you do that?” or “Tell me more”. This is your cue to share your opportunity with them. You know what the best part it? You don’t have to worry about coming across as a pushy salesman trying to push your ‘deal’ onto someone that didn’t ask you to in the first place!

Keep in mind that exposing these MLM secrets is just the beginning. There are many more MLM secrets to share and more insider information to come! The most important of all the MLM secrets is this: your success isn’t dependent on the knowledge and value you’ve gained here today, but rather, it is on the basis that you take what you’ve learned today and apply it.

While the value in this post may be revelation to many of you, revelation by itself will never change you. Only the application of that revelation is what changes you.


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