MLM Skills Check: Time Is Currency

MLM Skills Check: Time Is Currency

MLM Skills Check Time Is CurrencyAs you’re taking the time to read this post and watch the video below, I want you to think about this VERY moment…this VERY second. And now it’s gone. And another. And another.

Time never stops and it doesn’t matter how rich, poor, happy, or sad you are – we all have 24 hours in a day.

In this MLM skills check, I’m going to share where we should be investing our time as opposed to wasting it. Time is currency and will either work against you or for you.

“Lost time can never be found again” -Benjamin Franklin

Why MLM Skills Are Important

Before you watch the video below, it’s important to understand why MLM skills are highly important.

If your house is on fire, who would you trust more: a trained firefighter with a bad attitude that has the skills to put the fire out or a civilian with no training or skills but has a great attitude?

Both are great and are better options than ‘nobody’, but most people would rather let a trained professional with the right skills handle a problem like this, no matter how bad their attitude.

It’s no different in MLM and possessing these MLM skills is what separates amateurs from professionals; hobbyists from real business owners.

Video: Time Is Currency

Earlier today, I connected with a buddy of mine, Daniel McCall, and it turns out the the subject of time was on both of our minds today. In his video, he talks about the fact that we all have 24 hours in a day and it’s all about how we use that time (see it here). In the video below, I talk about where we should be investing our time in our MLM business (or any business for that matter) – and honestly, this single component exposed below is why I believe the majority of people fail to make any money.

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