MLM Tips: How To Market On Facebook

MLM Tips: How To Market On Facebook

How To Market On FacebookEveryone is on Facebook. It’s become a part of most people’s everyday life. I find myself checking my Facebook first thing in the morning even before I go to the restroom or do anything else.

Want to know something else many people are unaware of? Facebook has over 1 Billion users and receives more traffic than Google. It’s no wonder that businesses are now utilizing Facebook’s pay per click ads over Google. It’s also a valuable tool for network marketers, but unfortunately, most people haven’t learned how to market on Facebook in such a way that produces results.

Learn How To Market On Facebook The Right Way

Most people are always looking to sponsor people into their MLM business “without every picking up the phone” and this is just plain B.S. – this is lazy prospecting and it’s very unrealistic.

If we really want to figure out how to market on Facebook effectively, we’ve got to realize that the number one key to relationship marketing is the relationship.

Imagine this…

You login to Facebook and you have a message. You open that message and it’s someone prospecting you to join their MLM business. It appears that this person knows how to market on Facebook and they make a great offer so you decide to join their opportunity.

After you join the new MLM business, you receive another email from someone else that seems to know how to market on Facebook. This message looks even more enticing that the last one! They make an offer that just sounds like a “no brainer” because it pays 100% commissions and so you join that MLM business as well.

Three weeks later, you receive another Facebook message that makes you another offer…and boy does this person know how to market on Facebook! They send you a link to a really cool looking website offering a compensation plan that pays 112.4% commissions that just really gets you pumped up and excited so you decide to join this opportunity as well.

Do we see a trend?

No matter how well we think we know how to market on Facebook, there will always be someone that can market better than us.

Here’s the secret to marketing and prospecting on Facebook and over the internet:

It doesn’t matter how you make the initial contact. What matters is what you do with the prospect after you make the initial contact.

Many MLM and Network Marketing experts and trainers say the first thing you should when prospecting on Facebook or online in general is to get them OFFLINE. Yes, this means we will have to call them on the telephone or meet them in person.

MLM Prospecting How To Market On FacebookIf we’re going to learn how to market on Facebook or online (effectively), then we’re going to have to find a way to make a connection with our new prospects; we want to quickly separate ourselves from the competition by creating a special bond and relationship which ultimately positions you as a leader and someone they have rapport with.

There will always be others that may legitimately know how to market on Facebook – maybe even better than you. But you want your relationship with your new prospects and distributors to be so strong that they will not be affected by the constant stream of new opportunities and links they are bombarded with on a daily basis on Facebook.

One of my mentors, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, always says:

“It doesn’t matter how many distributors you sponsor. It is how many distributors you KEEP that makes a difference.”

We don’t want to be the leaders that build a big organization only to see it dissipate and see our distributors leave for other companies. We want to build a permanent downline and a permanent residual income.

We must learn how to market on Facebook the right way by getting our prospects off of Facebook, building real long term relationships with them, sponsoring them into your business, and teaching them the same.


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