MLM Tips: How To Sponsor New Distributors In Network Marketing

MLM Tips: How To Sponsor New Distributors In Network Marketing

How To Sponsor New Distributors In Network MarketingI can remember when I was first learning how to sponsor new distributors in my network marketing business. I did everything I was told by my upline. I attended all of the ‘Super Saturday’ events, I showed ‘the plan’, used the 3-foot rule, and went to all of weekly opportunity meetings. After-all, “those that show up, go up” – or so I was told.

Whenever I’d look to my leaders for help in learning how to sponsor new distributors in network marketing, they told me I needed to work on my attitude, set some goals, and be positive.

So I did and you know what I discovered?

These things don’t work – at least not in real life. They sound good on paper, but they just don’t work in real life when you’re standing face to face with your prospects.

How To Sponsor Distributors Into Your Network Marketing Company

What DOESN’T Work:

When being taught how to sponsor new distributors into our network marketing company, we’re told things like:

“Set some goals”
“Be positive”
“Work on your attitude”
“Be yourself”
“Chant positive affirmations”
“Show the plan”
“3 foot rule”
“Become motivated”

Surely no one has ever been told these things, right?

Because I wanted to sponsor new distributors into my network marketing company, I in turn followed this advice.

Here’s what I found out:

When most people get involved in network marketing, they’ve already set some goals, have a positive attitude, and are pretty motivated.

How motivated are we whenever we first get introduced to network marketing?

“Oh yeah, let’s fire the boss!”

Do we set some goals?

“I’m going to reach the position of cosmic commander and obtain time freedom to spend more time with my family!”

Aren’t we pretty positive too?

“Hey, I can do this! I can be in business for myself and build MY dream!”

Have you ever had someone roll their eyes at you whenever you ‘showed the plan’ to them? What do you think would happen if you told them, “But wait…I set some goals! I’m motivated! I’m positive!” Would our goals or motivation mean squat at this point? Absolutely not.

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What DOES Work:

When I finally learned how to sponsor new distributors in network marketing, I discovered that my success in network marketing has nothing to do with setting goals, being motivated, or staying positive. Not for me at least. For me, there was one thing I was missing…

This one little thing meant the difference in attracting new prospects to me like a magnet or having them avoid me like the plague.

Imagine this:

You’re at the mall shopping and you hear over the loudspeakers that there’s a bomb threat in the building. Your first instinct is to run, but the only problem is that the bomb will be triggered if anyone leaves the building. People may enter, but no one may leave. You get word that the bomb squad shows up and there are 2 people that can do the job of disarming the bomb. How To Sponsor Distributors Network MarketingOne person is motivated, extremely positive, and is the worlds greatest goal setter – but his skills are limited. The other person is pessimistic, negative, and has a bad attitude – but he has the skills required to do the job and do the job right.

Which person would you say is the right person for the job: The one with the motivating positive attitude or the negative one with the right skills?

It’s pretty safe to say that the one with the skills of how to disarm the bomb would be the one we would want on the job, right? And we wouldn’t care how positive or negative his attitude was or how many goals he set.

The one thing that makes the difference is skills – and it’s no different in our network marketing business. If we’re really going to learn how to sponsor new distributors and new reps into our MLM and network marketing businesses, then we’re going to have to learn the skills. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Learning The Skills Is What Makes The Difference

Learn The Skills For Network Marketing, Sponsor More Distributors

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