MLM Tips: The Power Of Indifference

MLM Tips: The Power Of Indifference

MLM Tips: The Power of IndifferenceAs you’re reading this right now, you may feel the sudden urge to enter your details into the form on the right to learn how to build your network marketing business almost 100% rejection free, but then again you may not be serious about success in your business at all.

One of the biggest obstacles network marketers face in this day and age is the fear of being pushy and coming across as a salesman. 

The power of indifference can absolutely be the game changer for you in terms to making more sales and sponsoring new reps.

Just In Case You Didn’t Notice

Did you notice something about the first opening sentence? You see, after you read this you’re most likely going to enter your details into the form on the right so that you can gain instant access to my free audio training called Practical Marketing in an Impractical World…but am I being pushy about it?

Absolutely not…but yet, you’re compelled to download it.


Because I’m indifferent on the subject.

This Is Why Top Earners Are In Fact, Top Earners

Do I want you to succeed?


Am I willing to share some insider knowledge and teach you some skills that you can take home with you and use TODAY that can literally explode your business?


But am I willing to ‘sell‘ you or attempt to convince you in any way, shape, form, or fashion to download my free audio training or to use the power of indifference to succeed in your MLM or network marketing business?

Absolutely not.

I choose to be indifferent on the subject because at the end of the day, I can’t control what you do or don’t do.

Leaders and top earners understand and practice the power of indifference; they understand that MLM prospects can sniff out a desperate and sleazy salesman trying to push their ‘pyramid scheme’ down their throat from a mile away.

Here’s The Problem…

salesmanPeople love to buy, but they HATE being sold.

Many times, ‘newbies’ and veterans alike in the MLM and network marketing industry come across as desperate and pushy. We’ve all been there and done that; Don’t feel bad…it’s not your fault.

I can remember a time where I had just joined my first network marketing company and I didn’t understand the power of indifference. I would talk to friends, family, and strangers about our service and our business and they would throw up objection after objection. Since I was extremely passionate about my business and product, I would argue with them and try to ‘convince’ them why they should buy or join.

We’ve all been there. If we don’t understand the power of indifference in our MLM and network marketing businesses, our sales and our results will suffer.

Here’s what I learned…

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”

You will literally either attract prospects and leads to you like a magnet or have them avoiding you like the plague depending if you have the skills and know exactly what to say and what to do…or not.

The Solution: The Power Of Indifference “Roadmap” In 3 Easy Steps

One of the biggest problems faced when trying to make sales in our business is coming across as desperate, needy, and pushy. Here’s the deal – the moment your prospect feels that you need the sale more than THEY do…

It’s OVER. Your dead meat. Road kill.

Follow the road map outlined below and if you really want to explode your business, fill out the form on the right to download my free audio training.

Step 1 – Understand that your prospect has a choice. At the end of the day, they can either buy from you…or not. It’s that simple. Use this knowledge to your advantage by saying something like, “To be honest with you (insert name here), this may not even be for you.” This will let your prospect know that you’re giving them the choice and the pressure is off. This will position them in a place to buy as opposed to be sold.

Step 2 – Generate curiosity and then change the subject. When it comes to the power of indifference and generating curiosity, I wrote a pretty helpful article about how to break the ice with MLM prospects (read it by clicking here). This is done when we make a vague statement like “I just found out how we can pick up an extra paycheck every week” and following it up and changing the subject with something like “if you’d like to know I’d be happy to tell you, meanwhile…” and then change the subject.

Step 3 – Stay calm. PERIOD. Prospects can pick up on the small changes in your voice such as your tone and the speed at which you talk. Shrugging your shoulders and keeping a mellow, steady tone will work wonders for you. Don’t get overly excited because the moment you do, your prospect will wonder why and you may even come across as desperate.

Once you understand the power of indifference….

It will completely change your results and your business. If you really want to exercise the power of indifference, then I would also recommend not being emotionally attached to your results (positively or negatively) – but this is for another post.


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