Relationship Marketing Is Overrated (Controversial)

Relationship Marketing Is Overrated (Controversial)

Relationship MarketingI just recently received an email from one of my mentors, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, and he said something very simple, yet profound; interesting, but controversial.

Relationship marketing is great for setting appointments and building rapport, but most prospects won’t buy something you’re selling just because they have a “relationship” with you.

Most prospects buying habits are based upon their ‘wants’ and personal interests. They want things that improve their lives and want their problems solved.

They want benefits…for THEM.

Why Relationship Marketing Fails

Relationship marketing, while is a great idea and can be very effective when used properly, is often…not.

It’s great to teach our downlines and our teams some relationships skills, but perhaps instead we should be helping them even more by teaching them how to help their prospects improve their lives.

The main reason why relationship marketing so often fails is because many times we’re taught by our MLM and network marketing companies I.O.F. – or Ignorance On Fire.

Many times we expect our friends and relatives to join our opportunity or buy from us simply because we have a relationship with them but here’s the question:

Why would prospects buy something from us that they don’t want JUST BECAUSE we have a relationship with them?


If we truly value our relationships, whey would we try to sell something to someone we know and expect them to buy when it’s of little or no value to them?

Is this even ethical? HECK NO!

And this is a big relationship marketing FAIL.

We Are Not Solution Pushers, We Are Problem Solvers

Relationship Marketing Made Easy

When it comes to ‘relationship marketing’, most people try to push their ‘solution’ on people that don’t even know they have a problem. This is where most people fail greatly.

Below are 5 easy steps we can take to ensure that we’re making the most of our relationship marketing efforts:

  1. Build trust and rapport
  2. Find their problem
  3. Make sure they’re aware of the problem
  4. Ask if they’d like to do something about it
  5. Present the solution

It’s that easy.

At the end of the day, our prospects (or anyone for that matter) don’t care about our solutions unless they…

A. Have a problem

B. Know they have a problem

C. Want to fix the problem

As you can see, relationship marketing is a complete waste of time unless it’s used properly. We can’t expect our friends, relatives, and prospects simply to buy something from us just because we have a ‘relationship’. They have problems – once they understand the problem and want to do something about it, then and only then will they be open to your solution.


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