Success Tips: Why Reality TV Will Keep You Broke

Success Tips:  Why Reality TV Will Keep You Broke

Why Reality TV Will Keep You BrokeLast night, I was sitting down to work on a new Attraction Marketing system that I’m developing and in my bedroom, I hear the TV blaring. Typically, when I watch TV, I watch educational shows because I tend to believe and live by the code you can never learn too much.

If you find yourself wondering why reality TV will keep you broke, think about this:

People that watch ‘reality’ TV are spending time (which they can’t get back) watching complete strangers live out their lives…on TV.


Reality TV…Or Is It?

Reality TV is a genre of TV that shows ‘supposedly’ real situations, documents actual events, and usually features complete unknown people as opposed to known actors and actresses.

For many people, reality TV is the lowest form of entertainment and say it’s an insult to our collective intelligence. Like a voyeuristic ‘peep show’, reality TV many times glorifies abuse, elevates shallow personalities, and promotes dysfunctional relationships.

But yet…we still watch.

Why, you ask?

Is it because reality TV is like an accident on the freeway that we just have to slow down and look at? Experts actually say that the reasons have less to do with voyeurism and more to do with us personally. For some, it’s an escape from our everyday lives and for others, it makes them feel superior. Most reasons are psychological in nature and for those that find themselves ‘addicted’, will also find themselves in denial.

The Truth About Reality TV…And What You Can Do About it

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Without a vision, the people will parish“.

I don’t watch reality TV because to be quite frank, I don’t have time. When you have a vision for your life, you don’t have time to watch other people live theirs.

WARNING: This is going to be a strong statement…

Reality TV is for those that refuse to live it.

You’ll find that most successful people live life full of passion, adventure, and also live the most fulfilled lives. They don’t have time to watch others live their lives on reality TV because they’re too busy living theirs.

We can’t become successful if we’re wandering around aimlessly in life, without purpose, and not living for something bigger than ourselves. Period.

Reality TV will keep you broke and unfulfilled because it will keep you from stepping into your greatness and becoming the person that God has created and destined you to be.

So what can you do about it? Make a decision. Period.

Make a decision to change: change the way you think and you’ll change the way you live.

Re-Create Your Own Reality In 3 Easy Steps!

I want to share some practical proven steps that you can take to turn off the reality TV “bullsh*t” and start living the life you were destined and created to live by re-creating your own reality.

Step 1 – Surround yourself with the right people. In 1 Corinthians 15:33, we’re told that “bad company corrupts good character“. Not a believer in the Bible like I am? No problem.

Here’s a famous quote by Jim Rohn:

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

The fact of the matter is, we can’t soar with eagles if we’re spending all of our time on the ground pecking with chickens. We must surround ourselves with people that are going to encourage us and lift us up, not the negative naysayers and folks that watch reality TV. You’re better than that. You’re a dreamer. And you have a purpose.

changeStep 2 – Change the files that are stored in the file cabinet of your mind. I’ve said this many times, but our brains are like file cabinets that store information. What is this information and where does it come from? The information is all of our beliefs, desires, and automatic programming that comes from what we’ve learned and what we’ve been taught by our parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, circumstances, and anything else that has impacted us in some way. If you don’t like the results that you’re getting in life, then you have to reprogram your mind to get a different set of results. It’s THAT simple.

Step 3 – So you’ve surrounded yourself with the right people and have started reprogramming your mind and putting new files into the file cabinet of your mind…so now what? Apply what you’ve learned. Knowledge by itself will never change you. It’s only applied knowledge that changes you.

Free Video – But Are You Ready For This?

If you can look at the last 5-10 years of your life and honestly say,

You know, I’m okay with where I’m at in my life mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially

Then congratulations – you’re a part of the 97% elite.

But if you can look back at the last 5-10 years of your life and you say,

You know…I’m NOT okay with where I’m at mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or financially. I feel that there is more to life than the struggle, the everyday grind, living paycheck to paycheck, and not being able to provide my family with what they really deserve.

If that’s you then here’s the cold hard fact…unless you choose to draw a line in the sand and make a change TODAY, then the next 5-10 years of your life are going to look EXACTLY the same.

I recently stumbled across a community of everyday people, just like you and me, that are changing lives and changing their circumstances. They’ve learned that there’s greatness inside of them and that they have been given the ability to release their inner rock star and change the world around them.

It’s a movement.

It’s an army of revolutionaries fighting the forces of evil.

Do you want change? Then change.

Don’t just talk about it, be about it.

Watch this FREE video now by clicking here.

…but only if you’re ready to release your inner bada$$.

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