The 6 Levels Of Effective Communication

The 6 Levels Of Effective Communication

Effective CommunicationMost people would agree that if we’re going to be successful in our business, we’re going to have to learn to learn effective communication skills. After all, if we can’t communicate with our prospects effectively, then how are we supposed to get them to make a decision to join our business or buy our products?

The problem is, I see so many people not using effective communication methods; They are actually using the lowest forms of communication and they are not seeing the results they’re looking for as a result.

In this post, I’m going to share the 6 levels of effective communication and if you’ll take what you’re going to learn today an apply it, you will see instant and immediate results (notice the work apply is implied).

Misconceptions About Effective Communication

There are many misconceptions about what effective communication really is, especially in the online marketing world. If you’re a novice to online marketing, some of this might sound kind of foreign, but bear with me…

Online attraction marketing is about attracting prospects to you as opposed to having to chase them and it’s primarily based on 2 things:

1. Offering value in some sort of public forum, whether through blogging or social media like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn

2. Offering value that requires some sort of opt-in (entering your name and email address in a form to gain access to something valuable, such as a training video or webinar, typically free).

When value is offered that requires some sort of opt-in and the prospect enters in their information, a lead is generated for the marketer. This is how we as marketers build a list. What usually happens from here is either an auto-responder campaign is triggered or the marketer may decide to email their list manually.

Typically, this is where the communication stops. It’s one way communication and it has been proven to be effective to an extent – but if we want to see better results in our business, then we need to learn how to communicate more effectively.

After we generate a lead online, if we’re going to use the most effective communication to better our chances of success, then we have got to get our prospects off of the internet and transitioned into a higher level of communication.

The 6 Levels of Effective Communication Revealed!

Level 1: Email or Text
The lowest level of effective communication is in the form of an email or a text message. This is the absolute lowest level and typically doesn’t yield very good results. As stated previously, this is one way communication, there’s not really much interaction, and it can be easily misunderstood. Typically you’re talking at your prospects as opposed to talking to your prospects and you don’t get to receive any feedback. It’s extremely easy to ignore or delete a text message or email and many times can just come across too ‘salesy’. Not the most effective communication method – but like I said, sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t. Level 1 communication is about playing the numbers game.

Level 2: Letter/Post Card or Online Video
A physical letter or post card can’t be marked as spam or deleted as easily as a text message or an email. We don’t get the junk mail in our mailbox like we did 20 years ago and with so many businesses today utilizing online marketing strategies, receiving physical mail, whether in the form of a post card or letter, is unique and it’s different. It’s a higher level of effective communication than email or text because it’s not quite as impersonal, but it’s still not as personal as we’d like it to be. An online video gives our prospects something to watch and is available to them 24/7, but at the end of the day, it’s still one way communication.

Level 3: Phone Call
This is where we start to get to a much higher level of effective communication because this is where the conversation begins. Two-way communication is very important and we get that with a phone call. On a phone call, you can hear their tone and direct the conversation in the direction it needs to go based on the feedback you receive. It’s also harder to be rude over the phone. It’s easy to write someone a nasty text message or email, but over the phone and being connected to a live person, it’s not as easy for most people. The phone allows you talk about what your prospects are actually interested in and provides an open forum for them to ask questions – so all in all a much higher level of effective communication.

Effective Communication Over CoffeeLevel 4: Video Call (Skype)
With a video call, you get to see the non-verbal communication and your prospect gets to put a face to the voice. They get to see your body language and you get to see them roll their eyes when you talk about your compensation plan. I’m kidding…but seriously, a video call is a MUCH higher level of effective communication. If you thought it was hard to be rude on the phone, it’s even more difficult to be rude when you’re talking to someone, face to face, through Skype. You’ve got 2 way communication, feedback, and you can even show them something or do a product demonstration. It’s really pretty cool!

Level 5: In-Person Meeting
There’s something about meeting someone in person that just allows a bond or relationship to be built that is much more tangible…and real…than by one build virtually. We were created to be social beings and actually being able to shake someone’s hand or pat them on the back just takes effective communication to the next level.

Level 6: In-Person Meeting…Over Food
Meeting someone in person is one thing…meeting them over lunch or dinner absolutely tips the scale! Think about it: when you meet over food, people tend to get more comfortable and they let their guard down. No one is going to be rude or get upset with you over lunch…especially if you’re buying! In many cultures and communities, the host will invite guests to dinner in order to gain trust, build rapport, and strengthen their relationships. You’re not going to have lunch or dinner with someone that you don’t like and no one is going to have dinner with you if they don’t like you. Eat good food, build stronger relationships, and practice the highest level of effective communication!

Here’s where I see so many marketers go wrong: They’ll meet someone in person or over food, and then give them a website to go to or a brochure to read.


Why in the world would we want to go from a level 5 or level 6 communication and go backwards all the way to a level 2? We have them right there, face to face, with the highest level of effective communication…and we go backwards.

I think that most people let fear take over and they take the easy way out and would rather just have a video talk to their prospects. However, by doing this, they have just cut their chances of success by over half and have entered a lower level of communication.

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