The Definition Of Leadership

The Definition Of Leadership

The Definition Of LeadershipThis post is going to be more of a rant than anything else. Would it be okay if I’m blunt and straight to the point today?

Because here’s the deal…

It seems that more and more everyday I am seeing self proclaimed ‘leaders’ and ‘gurus’ in the network marketing and MLM industry that really don’t know the first thing about the definition of leadership.

In this post (rant), I’m going to expose what leadership is not and also provide some simple, down to earth steps, to assist you with becoming an effective leader.

Do You Know The Definition Of Leadership?

John Maxwell has become known as the father of leadership and the definition of leadership, according to John Maxwell, is that leadership is influence. Period

Leadership isn’t about titles, status, position, talent, expertise, how much money you have, how much you know (or think you know) – leadership is the ability to influence the actions and lives of the people that serve along side you.

Being a leader is a lot like being a lady – if you have to tell someone that you are one, then chances are, you aren’t.

You won’t have to call yourself a leader because your ability to lead will prove itself through the amount of influence you have in the lives of others.

What I’ve Noticed

Lately on social media, I’ve been seeing a lot of people that call themselves leaders saying and doing things that are quite disturbing.

When most of us first get started with a new project or a new venture, such as MLM or Network Marketing, we don’t really know what we’re doing. Many of us understand the significance and impact trying to grow our businesses on Facebook and other social media can have and so that’s where we go.

Unfortunately, since we have yet to possess the right skills we need to build our businesses online, we do only what makes sense to us at the time. For some, this means trying to gain as many connections as possible (by adding friends at random). For others, this means posting their links on their walls and sending random messages and event invites trying to gain exposure for their business.

This is where the so called ‘leaders’ start to say and do things that only prove they don’t know the definition of leadership – the REAL definition.

What The Definition Of Leadership Is…Not

The definition of leadership is not: Talking about you, your accomplishments, what you know, or what you’ve learned.

The definition of leadership is not: Telling people what they should or should not be doing.

The definition of leadership is not: Posting sarcastic updates on Facebook towards others for not being at the same level as you.

The definition of leadership is not: Thinking of yourself more highly than you ought to be.

We’ve all seen these so called ‘leaders’ – they’re always complaining about unsolicited friend requests, spam messages, and seeing links posted on walls. Now, let me clarify something: I’m not in favor of any of these things – the unsolicited friend requests, spam, links – I’m not in favor of any of it.

But leadership is influence. The moment we attack someone else’s actions or bring it up in any kind of negative light, that person will look at it as criticism and will immediately go on the defensive. When we do the things listed above, we drive a wedge between us and the very ones that need our help and we lose ALLĀ  influence.

LeadershpThe Definition Of Leadership Is…

– Taking the time to learn about others and where they come from.

– Inspiring people to do the right thing.

– Encouraging and coaching those that are hungry for knowledge and success.

– Inspiring and teaching people to focus on solutions, not complaints.

– Serving others and placing their needs above our own.

– Showing compassion for those that may not be at the same level we are.

Simple Steps To Becoming A Better Leader

Step 1 – Accept Responsibility
You can pass the buck and make excuses or you can accept responsibility and make an impact. The choice is yours.

Step 2 – Keep It Real
Understand that in a world full of so many phonies people are looking and searching out the real and authentic.

Step 3 – Be Trustworthy
Don’t lie to others to make yourself look good. In the end, the lies always have a way of being found out.

Step 4 – Encourage, Don’t Criticize
You attract more flies with honey that you do with vinegar. Be encouraging at all times and avoid criticism.

Step 5 – Stay Humble And Serve
People want to know that they’re important, desired, and valued.

As leaders, we must understand that most people are not at the same level we are. If leadership is influence (as defined by John Maxwell), then we have got to meet people where they are and be able to relate to them in such a way that rapport is built and we’re given permission to speak into their lives.

I’ve said this many times – we can only lead and gain influence in the lives of others to the extent that people grant us the authority to do so.

So what is a leader – what is the definition of leadership?

A leader is someone whose actions have placed them in a position of trust and authority among their peers. A leader is someone whose advice is sought frequently, but never forcefully pushed onto others. A leader is someone whose spirit and desire for excellence eclipses that of everyone else around him. A leader sees the value in others, and inspires each person to perform their best, many times allowing them to exceed even their own expectations. A leader is also able to teach, to convey both physical skills and moral characteristics to those around him, and inspires those people to mimic him in his behaviors and attitudes.

Leadership is INFLUENCE.

So are you doing something that may be repelling others from following you? Are you throwing away opportunities to be a great leader?


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