The Fear of Failure: The Biggest Lie Ever Told

The Fear of Failure: The Biggest Lie Ever Told

Fear Of FailureIn this post, I’m going to address a pet peeve of mine. It seems that more and more people are deceived and have a big misconception over what’s keeping them from being successful.

As I read posts on Facebook, Twitter, Social Media, Google, and various blog posts by ‘experts’, there’s a lie going around about why people fail in business or fail to achieve their goals and dreams.

Is it possible that you’ve fallen for this lie? The lie I’m referencing is called the fear of failure. As entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries, network marketers, and leaders, we must make a decision to draw a line in the sand, say enough is enough, and stop blaming our lack of success on the fear of failure.

So what could be the culprit, you ask? Keep reading…

Fear: The Opposite Of Faith

If we’re go get a good understanding of why the fear of failure is so bogus, then we must first ask a very basic question:

What is fear?

Fear, as defined by Wikipedia is, “an emotion induced by a perceived threat which causes entities to quickly pull away from it and usually hide.

Faith is based on a confidence in a person or thing. Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Fear paralyzes while faith gives us the strength to keep going. Fear is based on our circumstances while faith is based on a hope and a strength that allows us to push through to victory despite our circumstances.

It’s very important that we understand the concept of fear and faith if we’re going to really understand why the fear of failure being a reason why people fail is one of the biggest lies keeping most people, perhaps like you, from stepping into their greatness.

EXPOSED: The Fear Of Failure

The human mind is complex in the way that we react to various situations and manage our expectations; both are based on several physiological and psychological factors. Here’s a question we need to ask ourselves: “If we fail, then what changes?”

Fear of FailureHere’s the cold hard truth: Absolutely nothing changes if we fail.

The reason this is so significant is because most people hate change. What happens is this – people get comfortable in their circumstances and change represents the fear of the unknown and can be quite scary. As a result ‘change’ in and out of itself isn’t enough to motivate them.

Keeping all of this in mind, is the fear of failure really the reason why most people don’t achieve the level of success they’re looking for? Because remember, most people are afraid of change and as long as they are failing, nothing is changing. So again, is it really the fear of failure that holds us back from success – or is it possible there’s another culprit?

If The Real Culprit Isn’t The Fear Of Failure – Then What Is?

Ask yourself this questions: “What happens if I succeed?

I’m not talking about what you want to happen or what you hope happens or what you fear may happen. If the fear of failure isn’t what’s holding you back, then let’s dig deeper and talk about what is REALLY going to happen if you succeed?

If your goal is to lose weight, what’s REALLY going to happen if you are successful? If your goal is to overcome your addiction, what’s REALLY going to happen should you succeed? What if your goal is to get a promotion within your company or become financially independent – what REALLY happens if you actually succeed?

The truth is, there are often unexpected side effects that you may not be aware of consciously, but subconsciously they can be enough to prevent you from making a commitment and taking action.

It’s not the fear of failure keeping you from greatness, but rather, it’s the fear of success.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Spiderman (the one with Toby Maguire), there’s a scene in the movie where Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben is literally minutes away from death. Uncle Ben pulls Peter close and tells him, “With great power comes great responsibility“.

When we fail, nothing changes. So the fear of failure isn’t the culprit – the fear of success is. If we succeed in our endeavors, we will be empowered to pay it forward and be an inspiration to others that are hurting and struggling. This is a lot of responsibility and is a task that many people are afraid to take on.

The wild thing is that this is only one aspect of the equation. What changes to do we have to undergo in order to succeed? Who is the person that we have to become in order to truly step into greatness? If we become successful, will others less fortunate view us as arrogant? Will our friends and family talk bad about us behind our backs? If we lose the weight, will others comment and pay more attention us? Will others ask us for advice?

And perhaps the biggest question asked subconsciously is – “Once I’m successful, will I be able to live up to the expectations of others and my peers, or will I fail them and let them down.

Failure demands nothing, but success demands change. So is it really the fear of failure that holds you back or is it your fear of success?


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