Top MLM And Network Marketing Hypocrites Exposed

Top MLM And Network Marketing Hypocrites Exposed

Top MLM and Network Marketing HypocritesI couldn’t sleep last night. Something was keeping me awake and eating away at me…

like a cancer.

It seems that there are more and more hypocrites appearing in some of the top MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and home based businesses out there and this is quite disturbing to me.

WARNING: This post is controversial and may even be offensive to you. If you’re not a leader, don’t want to increase your results, or don’t believe in helping people, then this is NOT for you.


What Top MLM Leaders Ray Higdon And Eric Worre Teach

Ray Higdon is not only an amazing friend and mentor, he’s also the top MLM income earner for his network marketing company. I would not be where I am today if it was not for Ray Higdon. I can’t say enough good things about Ray so below I’m going to provide a link and recommend that you visit his site immediately after you finish watching the video and commenting below.

Eric Worre is a top MLM income earner several times over and now coaches network marketers to be successful in their business. Eric is actually one of Ray Higdon’s mentors as well.

Both Ray Higdon and Eric Worre both teach a very postured way to present network marketing and THIS is key. You see, they (as I) believe that as network marketers, we have a better way.

Think about this…

What other way can we go into business for ourselves with low start-up, no risk, and not having to deal with the headache of hiring employees and renting a building?

What other way can average, every day people like you and me create a better life and lifestyle for ourselves financially?

But hey, this video here on Ray Higdon’s blog titled Overcoming Fear to Build Your Business will provide MASSIVE value from a top MLM income earner and actually ties in directly with my video.

Hypocritical Or Fear Based Marketing?

Most people don’t join a home based business to fail – they join to be a top MLM leader and income earner. But what happens is they struggle, talk to their ‘warm market’, experience rejection, and then turn to the internet.

They turn to the internet out of weakness or fear.

Many times, they’ll come across a lead capture page (put up by a top MLM or affiliate leader) that says something like this:

“How a 17 year old homeless dude went from broke to millionaire in (insert ridiculous number here) days, sponsored (add another number here) reps in 1 month, and earned over (ungodly amount here) of money without bugging friends and family and without ever having to pick up the phone.”

So they buy into the idea of NOT “bugging” friends and family and NOT picking up the phone and come to the internet from a point of weakness.

Here’s my issue:

If you REALLY believe – like top MLM earners Ray Higdon and Eric Worre do – that network marketing is a better way, but you refuse to ‘pick up the phone’ and talk to your warm market, then you either:

A. Don’t really believe you have a better way with MLM and network marketing

B. You’re a hypocrite and value your ego more than you value helping others.

VIDEO: Top MLM And Network Marketing Hypocrites Exposed

This 27 minute video isn’t just a rant, but is also packed with MASSIVE value. In this video, I share 2 top MLM recruiting principles that can absolutely EXPLODE your business if applied — and I also reveal 2 critical mistakes made by most people that keep them struggling in their business.

The first 5 minutes are controversial, but the end will challenge and inspire you to take massive action.

If this video has impacted you, inspired you, or you found value, please let me know! I value your feedback and would ask that you comment below and share!


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