Using Attraction Marketing In Your MLM Prospecting

Using Attraction Marketing In Your MLM Prospecting

Attraction Marketing MLM ProspectingWhen you hear the term Attraction Marketing, you may think of Ann Sieg, Mike Dillard, MLSP, or a vast array of online attraction marketers and attraction marketing systems.

However, what many people don’t realize is that attraction marketing isn’t just used in your online MLM prospecting, but also offline!

In this post, I’m going to shed some light on the power of utilizing attraction marketing in your MLM prospecting efforts and provide 3 simple things you can do TODAY to start attracting leads to you like a magnet.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Simply put, attraction marketing is the art of attracting your target prospect by creating value in the marketplace.

In other words…

…because of the value you bring to the table, you become the hunted instead of the hunter in your MLM prospecting.

3 Simple Ways To Increase Your MLM Prospecting Results

1. Identify your target audience. One of the biggest mistakes people make in their MLM prospecting is not identifying WHO their ideal prospect is. So ask yourself…who do you WANT to work with? Do you want to attract leaders? What kind of professions to they hold? These are all important questions to consider when utilizing attraction marketing in your MLM prospecting efforts.

2. Create a piece of content (or an offer) that gives value to your target audience. This content can be video, audio, blogging, or even live workshops. Once you’ve identified your target audience, figure out what kind of problems they’re facing and offer them value.

(Pro-Tip: Your valuable offer should NOT be your MLM.)

3. Get people in front of your offer (valuable content). This can be done a myriad of ways. Often times, I utilize the principles of attraction marketing daily in my MLM prospecting…not online but OFFLINE. Yes, really!

Video: Using Attraction Marketing In Your MLM Prospecting

In the video below, I go more in depth on attraction marketing and how to implement the 3 steps above. I also let the cat out of the bag on the number one way that I generate more leads in my MLM prospecting and I even teach you a ‘secret’ principle that you can use to have prospects eating out of the palm of your hand.


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