Why Failure Is A Good Thing

Why Failure Is A Good Thing
(and why you should embrace it)

Why Failure Is A Good ThingAs you’re sitting in your chair, staring at your screen, you’re most likely asking yourself why failure is a good thing. In this post, I want to share my thoughts on the subject and why you should learn to embrace it.

3 Reasons Why Failure Is A Good Thing

Have you ever heard the term “Failure is not an option”?

I hate this saying.


If you don’t fail, then there’s no way for you to grow. One of the reasons why failure is a good thing is because it helps you grow.

Back in High School when I played football there was always someone filming our game on Friday night. When we lost a game, we failed; we failed to win that game. On Saturday mornings we would come in, sit down, watch the video, and learn from our mistakes…which helped us grow.

We became stronger.

If we didn’t fail, we wouldn’t know what our weak points were or what we would need to work on to become successful.

Another reason why failure is a good thing is because failure doesn’t define you. I know that seems like a strange statement, but hear me out.

Failure isn’t like a bad choice or bad decision. Bad decisions shape and define our character, where as failures are opportunities to learn what our weak points are so that we can work on them to become stronger.

Failure doesn’t define you, failure refines you.

You can either let failures be stepping stones or stopping stones.

The third reason why failure is a good thing is because without failure, could you ever really feel a sense of accomplishment about anything? If there was nothing to lose, then victory wouldn’t be as sweet, would it?

Video – Why Failure Is A Good Thing

In the video below, I go into greater detail on why failure is a good thing.

Recap – 3 Reasons why failure is a good thing

1. Failure helps you grow

2. Failure doesn’t define you like bad choices do

3. Failure is the reason for the sense of accomplishment when we succeed.

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